High pressure pumps

Plunger Pumps

With proven dependability, Cat Pumps’ plunger pumps are utilized world-wide in thousands of applications.

Piston Pumps

Cat Pumps’ piston pumps are reliable, efficient, durable and versatile, giving users the best value for the dollar.

Stainless Steel Pumps

Cat Pumps’ stainless steel pumps successfully operate in some of the harshest in environments around the globe.

Flush Pumps

Flush pumps are highly-effective in extending seal life when pumping low-lubricity liquids and other aggressive fluids.

Liquid CO2 Pumps

Over 20 years of proven success providing liquid CO2 pumping solutions has made Cat Pumps an industry leader.

TEG Pumps

Cat Pumps’ specially-modified TEG pumps are engineered to run continuously in TEG dehydration systems.

High Temperature Pumps

Count on Cat Pumps’ field-proven technology for all your high-temperature pumping applications.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze Pumps

Cat Pumps nickel aluminum bronze pumps are known for extraordinary product quality, backed by outstanding support.

Direct Drive Pumps

Cat Pumps leads the pressure washing industry, providing the highest-quality direct-drive pumps available.

Belt Drive Pumps

Four decades of manufacturing highly dependable belt drive pumps gives us an advantage in the industry.

Gearbox Pumps

Our gearbox pumps were developed to hold up to the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial pressure washers.

ATEX Pumps

For applications in an explosive atmosphere, Cat Pumps offers a complete line of ATEX certified plunger pumps.

Chemical Pumps

Cat Pumps offers a wide selection of elastomers and manifold materials to meet a large variety of application needs.