Reverse osmosis

Like any fluid it can change its natural course

Our pumps are widely used in the field of desalination, concentration and separation of fluids. The fundamental characteristic of this application is the specific material used for these pumps: in the standard NAB version, AISI 316, in duplex stainless steel, fluxed and with special seals. Clearly the pressures have a similar range, flow rates vary from less than 1 m3h up to 1000 m3h. The efficiency of the volumetric pumps allows a very low energy consumption which, with the addition of energy recovery systems, makes our pumping groups the best systems for reliability and performance.

Examples of use are:

  • desalination (yachts, ships, tourist villages with industrial parts)
  • concentration (must, wine, milk, fruit juice, tomato sauce)
  • separation of industrial fluids (antibiotics, wastewater)

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